Postnatal fitness: How to lose weight after a baby
Postnatal fitness: How to lose weight after a baby
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Postnatal fitness: How to lose weight after a baby

Abdominal exercises

Lisa Wright says: "Lie flat on your back, feet flat on the floor, knees hip-width apart. Put your fingers just above your navel and push into the muscle area as you raise your shoulders from the ground. 

"Have a wriggle around with your fingers and try to assess how many you can fit between the muscles side by side. If you have a gap wider than two fingers consult your GP or Health Visitor so they can further check.

"Anything less than a two finger gap and you should commence abdominal work straight away. Your stomach muscles are very responsive, so performing the correct exercises will make a huge difference. 

"Abdominal compressions are the most important exercise to do. 

"Start off by standing up and pulling your navel back to your spine. Hold for 5-10 seconds (without holding your breath); keep the rest of your body relaxed. Repeat this 6 times and then take a break. Increase the time you hold it and the quantity you do.

You may find it useful to use triggers like when you boil the kettle or while you are at the changing table."

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