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Gillian McKeith interview: Why Gillian McKeith would love to advise the government on nutrition

Gillian McKeith interview: Why Gillian McKeith would love to advise the government on nutrition
Gillian would love troubled Amy Winehouse to move in with her. © DR

Despite her view that Brits in general are more aware about nutrition than Americans, Gillian's pretty scathing about the state of health affairs in her native Scotland. "The Scottish diet’s not that healthy and fairly limiting....(she falters)... I don’t want the wrath of my mum! But I’ve certainly come a long way from then.”

When I ask about rumors that certain Scottish politicians have approached her for nutrition advice, Gillian chuckles. “I heard that also, this rumor, but nobody’s been in touch. And boy, do they need help! I would be honored - if that’s the right word - to bring Scotland out of the Dark Ages. Because that’s where it is.” So to all the MPs reading this, Gillian is at your service. Though be warned: she doesn’t do half measures.

Gillian has helped celebrities including Michelle McManus and Kerry Katona transform their diets. Is there anyone she’s itching to take under her wing at the moment, I wonder? “Amy Winehouse. I would love to help her because I love her music and I’d like to see her entertain us all for the rest of her life but I really do worry about her eating habits, and…all kinds of other habits. It’s funny, I said to my kids last week 'We should invite Amy to come and live with us.' They thought it was the best thing ever! Also Robbie Williams is getting a bit of a podge these days, I wouldn’t mind helping him - I love his music too!"


Sarah Horrocks
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