How to get rid of cellulite: anti-cellulite advice
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Massaging techniques to reduce cellulite


Massage can aid the circulatory and lymphatic systems. Massaging cellulite is also beneficial for targeting those difficult areas that can’t always be targeted through exercise, such as the inner knee and upper thigh.

Follow these guidelines from Lotte Tissenkopfa (who developed the all natural Madara anti-cellulite skincare range) on the correct way to massage your skin:

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1. Preparation: Apply oil, starting from feet or knees and moving upwards, to help encourage the increased flow of blood through the peripheral veins and capillaries of your circulatory system.

2. Kneading massage: Use finger kneading for smaller areas (inner knee, upper arms or calves) and hand kneading on larger areas (hips, thighs and stomach) to bring the blood closer to the surface. It is a squeeze-and-lift type of massage - like kneading bread dough - which eliminates waste deposits.

3. Knuckle massage: Use your fists to crush into those ugly cellulite bulges. By pressing hard enough to break up the fat deposits, your body's own metabolism will be able to better deal with them naturally.

4. "S" massage: This means grasping a large portion of the problem area in each hand, making sure your thumbs are at right angles. Twist the flesh in opposite directions as if to form the letter "S" with the folds.

5. Wringing massage: Relax your muscles. Grasp portions of flesh with both hands and twist as if wringing out a wet towel. Use this massage on thighs and fleshy hip areas.

6. To end: Finish your daily massage with heavy stroking with deep pressure (as in step 1) - from the extremities upwards. This is to encourage the upward flow of freed deposits to their ultimate elimination by metabolic action of lymphatic drainage and normal blood flow.

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