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Sun and AMD, sun and cataracts, sun and keratitis, snow ophthalmia


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It is vital that you look after your eyes properly as neglecting them can have serious harmful effects on the different structures of the eye:

> The cornea, which is the forward most part of the eye.

> The lens, which is in the middle of the pupil.

> The retina, the tissue that receives light information.

Some changes that can occur in the eye due to them being damaged are:

> Keratitis: sometimes called "snow blindness." It is an inflammation of the cornea following extended exposure to UV light.
> Cataracts: darkening of the lens that can cause blurred vision. Sun exposure is a known cause of cataracts.
> Age-related macular degeneration (AMD): is the rapid aging of the macula (near the center of the retina) that can lead to a decrease in central vision.


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