It's good for your health

It's good for your health

Various medical studies have shown that cycling helps improve public health:
> It helps prevent cardiovascular illness. According to the British Medical Association, half an hour's cycling a day can cut your risk of cardiovascular illness by two. As you get gradually used to exercise, your heart beats more slowly, your lungs function better and your muscles use oxygen more efficiently.
> It improves your metabolism. Like all moderate, regular endurance exercise, cycling helps improve digestion, brain function and muscle upkeep.
> It's easy on your joints. Unlike many other sports, cycling doesn't make you support your own weight. This makes it ideal for people carrying excess weight who are worried about taking up sport; for children, whose bones are still growing, and for elderly people whose joints are getting fragile.
> It awakens your spirit. Because you're in contact with the environment, you develop your sense of hearing because you're exposed to a range of sounds, your sight (you have an unimpaired field of vision), your sense of touch (through speeding up and slowing down) and your sense of smell (through deep breathing).


Sarah Horrocks
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