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Your steps for success: Bianca's advice

Your steps for success: Bianca's advice
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What makes a dancer stand out from the crowd?

Even walking down the street, you can always recognize a dancer from the way she moves. Even in the simplest of movements a dancer holds herself upright and has a perfect line. Dancers are at one with their bodies, and also at one inside, under the skin! Physical activity is so good for you because you produce endorphins which make you feel better in yourself. Dancing also relieves worry and stress.  

What advice would you give our readers?

You don’t have to have been dancing since you were tiny to be good at it! There are lots of really good lessons for adult beginners out there. The secret is not to get discouraged and to take things slowly. It’s tough to admit that you can’t do something at the beginning but you have to persevere with it and ignore everyone else! At the end of the day you’re all there for the same reason: to learn to dance. 


Sarah Horrocks
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