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What will it do for me?

What will it do for me?

Dancing is great physical exercise because it works the whole body.  You’ll tone up as you do more and more classes, and your abs will firm up, giving you better stability.

The repetition of dance steps helps to make even ordinary, every-day movements more graceful. Your body will become firmer and more muscular, but gradually, which gives a far more natural effect than many other forms of exercise. What’s more, you’ll have far more co-ordination in your arms and legs.   

Suky, ballroom dancing instructor: “After a couple of months’ dancing, my pupils soon notice a change in their posture: they hold themselves up much straighter. Good posture is always hard to maintain at the beginning, but it becomes second nature after a while – not just in class but all the time. From a more personal point of view, dancing can also make big changes to your life. At the start, for example, some pupils are really nervous, but they soon learn to relax properly. Dancing is a really good way of expressing yourself, and it’s also fantastic for relieving stress. Because of the understanding between your mind and your body, the way you dance reflects the way you live your life. As your body becomes supple, your mind does too.”  
Mikael, modern jazz instructor: “Dancing is so therapeutic that it releases all inhibitions.  With all the health benefits too, you’re really doing your body and mind a favor.  This might sound strange but I teach a few women who are comediennes, and it's a really tough job because they’re being judged on their appearance all the time. Dancing works wonders for their self-image because it helps them to love their bodies.”


Sarah Horrocks
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