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What's it all about?

What's it all about?

The exercises you’ll do in dancing classes are very different to those you see in a show.  Ovbiously it’s all about routines of steps set to music, but it doesn’t stop there… 

Dancing is all about awareness of your body and what it’s doing. Cyrille Vaillant explains, “The first principle is using your muscular system to complete the moves. Movements should be supple and fluid, but shouldn’t drain your energy sources.”  

Your movements will become more and more flowing and elegant as you progress, and shouldn’t restrict you in any way.  Moving your joints at the right angle makes your movements more fluid.     

The background music guides you and shows you how to move your body. It’s all about getting your balance right in order to use your muscles and your energy properly.  This is a really important part of learning to dance and so it really works your abdominals, trunk and buttocks. 
There’s a big difference between static and dymanic in dancing, because the lower body in particular has to support the rest of you when you’re on the move, giving your calves and thighs a really good work-out.  


Sarah Horrocks
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