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Why it's never too late

Why it's never too late

 “You’re never too old to take up dancing,” says physio Cyrille Vaillant.  “It’s a non-impact form of exercise, so it’s very easy on your joints and on your body in general.”   

Dancing is all about measured, gentle, articulated movements, so age is no barrier to success even if you’ve never danced before! The trick is to choose the right class for your level: beginner, improver, intermediate, or advanced.      

There are very few medical conditions which prevent you from taking up dancing; in fact, in certain cases, dancing is used for rehabilitation after injury. Even so, some types of dancing can be hard on your knees, ankles and back.  It all depends on the style of dancing and the choreography, so if you have any back, knee or ankle problems seek medical advice before you sign up and let your instructor know. 


Sarah Horrocks
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