Quick Fix Fitness: Julie Penfold tests The Genie

Do you want to remove fat from those problems areas without investing in hours of exercise? JULIE PENFOLD may have found the answer and here puts the Genie to the test.

For many of us, the idea of slugging away at the gym for hours is our worst nightmare. Especially when those hard-to-shift fatty areas around the stomach, thighs and buttocks seem endlessly impossible to rectify. Despite trying every exercise and diet under the sun, while the rest of our bodies gladly tone up, those stubborn areas remain wobbly, flabby and leave us feeling self-conscious and a little depressed. For all despairing ladies out there, Genie has a solution which will leave you feeling and looking great, from the first session.

The Genie Complete system works by using specially developed electronic wave shapes (mediwaves) to provide immediate, noticeable results. Each waveform is up to 1000 times stronger than anything else on the beauty market and by passing the mediwaves through the skin it is able to stimulate muscle tone. The treatments are carried out using the unique body hub device which incorporates a series of colored lights which flash as the power output pulses through its channels. The system delivers the targeted body workout, via a series of electrodes which are strategically placed on the body allowing the current to pass through onto the muscle, causing a contraction.

Genie’s slimtone module is pre-programmed to stimulate the muscles depending on how vigorous you want the workout to be. As with joining any new exercise regime, clients whose muscles are less toned would start off gently and increase their activity as they develop. The current allows the muscle to contract and relax as it would during normal exercise, thus firming and tightening the muscles and improving the surface skin texture. Each session lasts just 20 minutes, and the results on the stomach are impressive. Just 20 minutes later it is the equivalent of 360 full sit-ups and works wonders on lazy stomach muscles.

After identifying where my ‘problem’ areas are, namely bottom and thighs, electrodes were strategically placed at my muscle points on the fronts of my thighs and on my bottom. I lay with trepidation as the pins and needles feeling took hold and my body got used to the strange sensation. I insisted on starting on the lowest level fearing the pain would be just awful, but quickly surprised myself by continually agreeing to make the workout a little more strenuous. The contractions felt as though my thighs and bottom were each having an intensive, deep vibrating massage and much to my relief, I felt no pain at all. The 20 minutes was over in a flash and I eagerly awaited the next day to verify the results.

The following morning, my bottom felt firmer, more toned and had something of a lift which I was delighted with. I was especially ecstatic when friends and family noticed a difference too. My thighs had also improved looking more toned, defined and slender. Who would have thought lying strapped to a few electrodes could produce such fabulous results.

Genie Slimming, Toning & Cellulite Treatments available at Beauty Angels, 1st Floor, High Street, Sedgefield, Co. Durham. Tel: (01740) 623869 Web: www.angelsinc.co.uk Prices and special offers available by contacting the salon directly.

Julie Penfold


Julie Penfold
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