Getting rid of toxins

Getting rid of toxins

If you want to free your body of toxins, you should reduce your consumption of certain foods and substances, or ideally stop them altogether:
Sugar and fat. Reducing the amount of sugar and fat you eat is the first stage in helping your body free itself of toxins. Animal fat (found in meat, butter, cream and cakes), especially when it's cooked, produce by-products called ketone bodies that the body then has to get rid of. Refined sugars (found in fizzy drinks, sweets, jam, etc.) produce a massive influx of glucose in the blood, which affects the production of insulin. If you're detoxing, the best thing to do is completely cut them out of your diet.
Tobacco. The chemicals contained in cigarettes, along with chemicals created by combustion, produce around 4,000 types or gas or particles with every puff, most of which are harmful, even in small doses. A smoker breathes in various poisons such as lead, arsenic and cyanide, and also inhales carbon monoxide which deprives the body of oxygen. Detox and cigarettes do not mix, so it's definitely time to stop!
Alcohol. In the short-term, alcohol messes with your digestion and overloads your liver. In the long term, it causes irreversible damage to all of your cells. Don't drink and detox!
Coffee. Coffee ups your heart rate and blood pressure, which forces your body to work overtime and also produces toxins that your body struggles to get rid of. Avoid it if you can, or at least reduce your intake: no more than three cups a day.
Animal products. First of all, the absorption of animal products produces urea and uric acid, toxins that are eliminated mainly by the kidneys. Too much meat can also cause putrefaction of the intestines. Finally, it creates acids. So meat and fish are off your detox menu!
Ready-meals and processed food. They're absolutely full of additives, colorings, preservatives, pesticides and salt that clog your system up with say nothing of the hidden fat and sugar they contain. They hardly contain any vitamins and minerals either, so they're a definite no-no.


Sarah Horrocks
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