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It might look a bit daunting but the IUD can be a really great option for those who don't like the idea of hormone based methods. It's also a good choice for women who could want to get pregnant in the near future and those who want a long lasting method which they can forget about.

Caroline says: "The main benefit of the IUD or copper coil is that it has no hormones in it at all.

The IUD will last between three years and ten years and you can have them removed at any time. Plus when you do so your fertility will come straight back."

The IUD is a small T-shaped device that is inserted into your womb and stops you getting pregnant by preventing sperm surviving in the cervix, womb or fallopian tubes. It can also thin the lining of the womb so that a fertilized egg cannot implant itself.

Another thing that the IUD can be used for is emergency contraception up to five days after you have sex.

  • It can be fitted and forgotten about for three to 10 years depending on the model you choose. 
  • It's effective as soon as it is inserted correctly. 
  • Once the IUD is removed you go straight back to your normal levels of fertility so it is great temporary option if you want to get pregnant in the near future and don't want to go on the pill.
  • The inital insertion of the IUD can be quite painful and uncomfortable.
  • There's a small chance of infection within 20 days of having the IUD. 
  • There's a risk that it could be rejected by your body.

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