Contraception options - choose the right one for you!
Things to remember
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Things to remember

Before you dive in head first there are a few questions that you need to ask yourself to make sure you find the method that will work best for you.

Caroline says: "All contraception methods will be effective but it’s worth thinking about other issues you might have. Be realistic with what will fit in with your lifestyle and your personality."

Ask yourself things like:
  • Are you thinking about having a baby in the next few years? 
  • What are your periods like? 
  • Do you want something you can forget about?
  • Do you want something non-invasive? 
  • Do you have any other medical conditions?
The benefits of certain contraceptive methods can be much more than just preventing you from getting pregnant.

"If you have heavy periods some methods such as the combined hormonal methods or the hormonal coil can help," says Caroline.

Plus things like acne and mood swings can also be improved with certain contraception methods.


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