Christmas weight gain | How to stay slim this Christmas
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Sleep easy
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Sleep easy

You may have a guilty conscience at this time of year after tucking into some treats, but you can rest assured it's not all bad. Chris Jones, Head of Physiology at Nuffield Health told us that sleeping is a vital part of weight loss;

"It may sound strange, but sleeping longer can actually help weight loss. Not getting enough sleep has been shown to increase our cravings for energy dense foods, slow down our metabolism and reduce our desire to be physically active."

"Unfortunately, getting too much sleep has similar effects, so make sure you get between 7 and 9 hours sleep each night to optimize your fat burning capabilities!"

So even if you are eating a little more than usual this season, there are ways to keep excess weight gain under check.

Christmas only comes once a year and if you do need a diet plan for Jan, then don't worry, wewomen will have plenty of tips for getting the new year off to a slimmer start.

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