Female cancers: expert answers to your questions
Symptoms of cancer: expert answers
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Symptoms of cancer: expert answers

What are the symptoms of uterine and ovarian cancer?
Dr M. Espié: The main symptoms of uterine cancer are vaginal bleeding after the menopause and a sensation of heaviness in the pelvis, in the bottom of the stomach. There are few signs for ovarian cancer but they can include abdominal pain, period problems or changes to periods or bloating.

Is pain in the breast a sign of cancer?
Dr M. Espié: Rarely. Generally breast cancer isn't painful, apart from some varieties such as inflammatory breast cancer where the breast suddenly becomes red, painful and hot.

Is pain during sex something to be concerned about? Is it a sign of cancer?
Dr M. Espié: Generally no. Check it out with your doctor if it persists.

Is endometriosis an indicator of cancer?

Dr M. Espié: No. There is, however, a small excess of ovarian cancers associated with endometriosis.

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