Female cancers: expert answers to your questions
Predispositions to cancer: expert answers
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Predispositions to cancer: expert answers

My aunt (my dad's sister) died from breast cancer, as did her daughter. Are there risks for me, even though this happened on my dad's side?
Dr Marc Espié: Yes. Breast cancer can be passed on through both the mother's and the father's side.

Can hormonal changes during pregnancy increase the likelihood of cancer developing?
Dr M. Espié: Hormonal changes during pregnancy cannot create cancer. It's possible however in the case of breast cancer that they can accelerate the growth of a pre-existing cancer.

Is it more common to get cancer after the menopause?
Dr M. Espié: Yes. Cancer is an illness of older people, there are therefore more cancers after the menopause than before. Endometrial, uterine and breast cancer are more frequent after the menopause. While cervical cancer is more frequent before the menopause.

Is there any scientific proof that psychological factors such as stress can lead to cancer?

Dr M. Espié: We still have no certainty on the subject. Cancer has many factors. Everybody reacts differently to stress, depending on their own personal history.

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