Bum exercises: The complete guide to a beautiful bum
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Fitness advice to tone your bum


 - Fitness advice to tone your bum
Being sedentary is your bum's worst enemy. Whether you're sat in your car, sat down in the office or sat on the sofa... bum's don't like being seated!

>> How to get moving on a day-to-day basis

- Walking:
Move about as much as you can on foot. Push down on your legs and take big strides.

- Taking the stairs:
Climb up stairs two at a time, once slowly then once quickly, pushing down on your legs. Stop using escalators and lifts!

- Squeezing your bum:
Wherever you are (while you're cooking, when you're on the bus, in the shower; etc), contract your bum as often as possible, standing straight and maintaining the position.

>> Good sports for your bum (2 to 3 times a week)

- Running: Not only does it burn fat, it also tones up your bum. Don't worry about the speed you're running at, it's the time you spend running (at least 30 to 45 minutes) and how often you run that are more important.

- Aquaerobics: It tones, it massages and it improves lymphatic drainage. It's perfect!

- Swimming: Whether you're more front crawl or or breaststroke, the leg and arm movements used in swimming both require all of the bum's muscles to work intensely. Swimming fins will make your muscles work even harder!

- Dancing: Salsa, rock, Zumba workouts, African dance... when the legs work, so does the bum.

- Step aerobics and steppers: It's the same principle as walking up stairs but with music and an instructor so it's more interesting!

- You can also do some little exercises to tone your bum at home, in front of the telly or before going to work for example.


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