Are you a sugar addict?
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Sugar is a healthy part of your diet


 - Sugar is a healthy part of your diet
You maintain a generally healthy diet: you never skip meals, eat a proper breakfast and don't indulge in too much fat or sugar. You enjoy the odd sweet or piece of cake, but only occasionally; you prefer savory to sweet. However, you probably eat more sugar than you think: bread, rice, pasta and cereals make up a large part of your diet, and these carbohydrates are also known as slow-release sugars.

Carbs provide the body with long-lasting energy, but they're not all equal! White sugar is turned into glucose very quickly, producing a peak in insulin, a spike in blood sugar levels, and a crash that brings on lows and the irrepressible urge to snack. Make sure you get plenty of both fast and slow-release carbohydrates, combining them wit other food groups to achieve balance.

Don't cut carbs out: they're essential for nutrition. Pizza can be greasy and pasta can be heavy on the butter and cheese, but enjoy these in moderation, especially if you don't exercise much!

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