Are you a sugar addict?
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Sugar is your comfort


 - Sugar is your comfort

You're a sensitive type who sometimes struggles to handle her emotions, and you tend to seek solace in sweet foods when things go wrong.

Sugar gives you an instant boost, but it causes a peak in the production of insulin (the substance that regulates blood sugar levels), creating an imbalance. Low blood sugar causes your energy levels to crash, with the result that you crave even more sugar.  

You need to break this vicious cycle. Reaching for a sugar hit isn't the best way to cope with your feelings, nutritionally or psychologically! If sugar is a comfort, by all means have a little something sweet when you're feeling down. But know when to stop before it becomes an unhealthy habit. A couple of squares of chocolate will help you feel better; scoffing the whole bar won't. Try replacing your emergency biscuits and sweets with healther alternatives that you can snack on whenever the urge to comfort-eat strikes. 

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