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Half & Half Hair Color Ideas That Will Make You Want to Reach For the Hair Dye Stat

Lareese Craig
by Lareese Craig Published on May 20, 2015

Half and half hair is hot news right about now. Yep, Cruella de Vil's usually inspiring our freakum fancy dress but now she is fast becoming a humble hair icon too. Girls everywhere are upstaging the Disney villain by dividing their locks straight down the middle and split dyeing each side a different color. Balayage? Pffft. To hell with natural! This summer's set to be way more colorful.

It's not unusual for girls to kinda lose it at this time of year. Something about summer just makes us want to reinvent everything about our lives. New wardrobe, new "summer bod" and new hair! It's standard behavior.

And kicking off our summer of change? It's the half and half hair trend. Yep, two colors straight down the middle. It sounds bat crazy but in practice it's actually rather beautiful.

Girls are donning pretty pairings of bold pinks with purple, dreamy pastels, blonde with brown and different hues of blue . FYI you're not limited to Cruella de Vil's signature monochrome mane.

Not convinced? Check out these hot hairstyles and prepare to be a half and half convert.

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