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Extensions and hairpieces

Extensions and hairpieces
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They’re not just for celebs any more!

Hairdressers and beauty salons all over will now give you a whole new head of hair in just a few hours. So if you have fine hair and you want to add some volume, or if you can’t be bothered to wait months for your hair to grow, extensions are a great way of cheating.

If you go to a reputable place to get your extensions done, you’ll have no trouble getting the result you want.

How does it work ?
The most commonly-used method for extensions is using treated Indian hair that is glued to the ends of your own hair using tiny drops of keratin as glue. Keratin is a naturally-occuring element in your hair that also nourishes, so the process doesn’t ruin your hair - it protects it.

The hair is selected from 40 shades according to your natural color to get a completely natural result – were it not for the added length, no-one would ever know!

Allow around 3-4 hours for extensions, and you keep them in for 4-6 months. They cost around £400-£600, depending on the amount of hair used.

Don’t forget it also takes around two hours for the hairdresser to remove them. You need a certain amount of time and patience, but remember good things come to those who wait…

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Give your natural hair a bit of a boost, or try and fool your friends into thinking your hairpiece is real!

Hairpieces are less drastic but just as effective as extensions – the only thing is you need to make sure you take the time to put them in properly.

How do they work?
They’re fixed onto clips or accessories, so they’re easy to put in and look genuine.
To get a natural effect make sure you incorporate your own hair in with the hairpiece.

With ‘half-wig’ styles, tie your hair back leaving just a few strands down, and fix the hairpiece on top (use a hair-band or scarf to hide the line).

With other hairpieces, get creative with your new volume and go for big styles!

You can also go for a classic look by using your hair to tie your hair into a knot. Why not go for an original look with braids, plaits or buns? Anything is possible when you have enough hair to do it with!

Where can I get them?
Claire's have a good range.


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