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Hi there,
I have attached a picture and i was just wondering what style/cut would suit me ? My hair is fine.

Hiya Claire,
Your hair is really pretty, there is so much you could do and much of it doesn’t have to involve a big chop. I’m loving the amount of fab hair accessories that around this summer and that’s a great way of sprucing up your hair. Your face shape would also suit fringe cuts, especially something cut on an angle. I’m a little anti straight, flat hair at the moment, trends definitely change and before we know it flat straight hair will be storming back down the catwalk, but right now it’s all about waves and fullness. I've just brought out a fantastic fat curling tong that is so easy to use and creates gorgeous waves and curls in hair. Check out the Argos catalog where they are available. Take random pieces of hair and tong the mid-length to the tips to get a cool soft wave. Don’t forget to always use a heat protector whenever you style.
Andrew x

Dear Andrew
I am only 19 years old and my hair used to be naturally very thick and curly. Ever since I've started straightening my hair (only once in a while), it's gone so thin and there's just no volume to my hair - every time I leave my hair down I have to put all my hair at the front as there isn't enough hair to leave at the back. My hair seems to be very unhealthy as well! I think one of the reasons for this is the amount of products I used to put in my hair when I was younger such as mousse and gel etc. My hair is very long, down to my hips. What do I do to get my hair thick with lots of volume again?? And how do I keep my hair healthy and how do I straighten my hair without it getting even thinner?
Thank you

Hi Beulah,
Thanks for your letter. I hate to tell a lady of 19, but the change in your hair will have something to do with you growing up, so to speak. As our bodies change so do the hair, skin and nails. It's nothing to worry about at all and quite honestly, you probably just need to have a couple of inches cut off the ends to thicken and firm them. Hip-length hair is very long and the ends of your hair could be up to 10 years old, so have seen a lot of wear and tear and changes in your body. Hair doesn’t grow from the tips but from the roots and takes many years to get to the length of your hair. Gels or mousses would have had no effect on the quality of your hair as they are purely cosmetic products and, like a lipstick, come straighf off as soon as you wash them. I’d like you to make sure you're looking after your nutrition, eating lots of fresh vegetables and fruit, fiber and protein-based foods, drinking up to 2 liters of water a day and taking exercise. I know I sound like a doctor, but what we eat really makes a big difference to the quality of the hair.
Andrew x 

Hi Andrew
I wonder if you could advise me on a type of hairstyle for my daughter`s wedding in September? I have shoulder-length hair with fair highlights that I usually wear long and staightened with irons. I would like my hair to be worn half up, half down for the wedding, or maybe a chignon if its long enough or maybe an Audrey Hepburn style. The problem is, I`m wearing a medium sized hat so I’m limited to what style I could have. My color scheme is monochrome black and ivory and so is the hat. If you could give me some advice I would be very grateful!

Dear Corrine,
Defiantly go for the Hepburn chignon: it will look gorgeous with your hat and outfit, will look totally classy and will last all day and night. You'll be far too busy enjoying your day, so hair up options are the best! Go to a salon that does great hair ups - there’s usually one good hairdresser in each salon - and have a practice run. Take your hat with you and they can design the hair around your hat.
Have a fabulous day, hope the sun shines !
Andrew x
Hi Andrew,
Please help. I'm returning to work after 6 months' maternity. My hair is in need of a fresh new style. I have 3 children so the mornings will be hectic. I don’t think I could carry off a VB urchin style, but like the idea of a choppy crop with a soft layered fringe, perhaps? I'm 42 and work in design, and hoping to still look stylish with a twist. Although I’m "older" than my colleagues, I don’t have gray hair, but I’m also considering adding a color for the first time! I have developed a sort of root perm look with each child - originally my hair was poker straight, so I need to consider this when deciding a look. Finally, my face shape is round. Do you think you could suggest something I would be able to relay to a hairdresser, or perhaps a celeb look that's on trend right now?

Gosh, root perm, that took me back! We're obviously the same age! Your ideas sound great, love them, and the cut will be really easy for you! If you have a look at Victoria Beckham's hair now it’s a little longer than when she first cut it off and, in my opinion, prettier. Also if you go into the archives and have a look at some old shots of Audrey Hepburn, her hair was very cool. If you're going to do some color, either opt for an all-over semi-permanent color (all-over color does tend to look best on cropped hai)r and maybe just add a few tiny sparkles of color around the fringe area, but not much lighter or darker or they tend to look a bit cheap, and we can’t be having that.
Good luck back at work!
Andrew x

Hello my name is Emily,
I am a 25-year-old who has just finished uni in graphic design. I have been wearing weave for 5 years plus and I would like to go short with my natural hair. I am completely lost on what styles to go for because I have had a weave. My
hair is natural Afro-Caribbean hair, but I would like to perm it and go for a stylish, creative, edgy haircut but also unthreatening for when I go to job interviews. I have a slim long face so I know not just any style will suite me. At the moment I have a really blunt fringe which really works well with my face shape, but I am not sure how this can transformed into a short hairstyle that works.

Hi Emily,
Loving your ideas! Also I love Ryan’s hair with that short cut and longer sweepy fringe, it looks so cool!
Andrew x

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