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Hi Andrew
I am naturally blonde but recently my blonde hair is looking dull and yucky and is gradually darkening! I am thinking about getting some highlights to lighten up my hair but I want it to look really really natural. I've attached a pic so you can see my dirty blonde hair and advise me what to do.

Hi Claire,
Whatever you do you must keep your hair in the best possible condition. Try using my Andrew Barton SOS Treat Me Deeply conditioning mask once or twice a week to keep your hair shiny, soft to the touch and easy to manage. You're right: a few highlights will brighten your hair. It's all about where they are placed and the lightener that is used. Go for a few scattered weaves around the front of your face, but not in the parting area. This will give you lightness where you want it most without tell- tale signs of regrowth. Also ask your stylist to use a tint lighter rather than a bleach which will be much kinder to your hair, it won’t lighten as much as a bleach and will give you soft pretty lighter tones. My London salon opens soon so hopefully see you there.
Andrew x

Dear Andrew,
 I don't know what to do with my shortish (not even to my shoulders) curlyish dull mousy hair! It used to be really long and corkscrew curly, and I've tried bobs, long and short, and have run out of ideas and inspiration - can you help?
Thanks in anticipation,

Hiya Julia,
You really have got a lot of options to you and using celebs as a reference is a really good idea to choose the type of styles you like. I know it sounds a bit naff, but cut out pictures of the type of looks you like from hair mags or gossip mags and start making a little collection of them over a few weeks. A pattern will form of what you like. My guess is that a longer length will work best for you, with lots of random layered pieces throughout so that your curl isn’t too triangular. Whilst you're growing your hair it might be time for a color change to avoid the boredom. Keep your hair in really good condition with my Andrew Barton SOS Treat Me Deeply Conditioning Mask which will guard the ends from splitting. And you know what the best advice that hairdressers never tell you? Whilst you're growing it, keep away from the scissors, only having trims every 3 months or so.
Andrew x

Hi Andrew,
I have lost my hair through having chemo but it is now just starting to grow back. I am getting married in November and am interested in some advice on having extensions put in. Also what you think on dyeing my newly grown hair?
Many thanks

Hope you're doing OK? My friends at Raccoon are the people to talk to. They have a brilliant program called Hair In Recovery and have a list of associated salons nationwide who can DEFINITELY help you.
Happy wedding my love.
Andrew x

Hi Andrew
I’m really struggling with which shampoo/conditioner to buy. I have tried most of the salon ranges but am yet to find one that really suits my hair, so have gone back to the high street. My hair type is fine and flyaway and it also gets quite greasy at the roots very quickly but dry on the ends. Every time I visit my hairdresser, I always ask for some help but can’t help but think they are just trying to sell me their latest products and not really give me a product that will suit my hair. Is there one that really does work and solve my issues that you can recommend? I don’t mind spending the money if I know it will make my hair look and feel fabulous.  Please can you help me?!Sophie

Hi Sophie,
My friend Sophie was asking me that just the other day, I bet you can't believe that I don’t do all my friends' hair! Well, there are 2 routes here for you. In the salon Redken is totally my favorite haircare range on the high street, and I have my own range available at Asda. In the range there is a range called I Love Volume which is perfect for your hair type. There’s a shampoo, ultra-light conditioner and a gorgeous fluffy mousse. Ive also just launched a dry shampoo called SOS Last Another Day, it's so easy and simple to use: spray it into dry hair at the roots when ever you want and it absorbs the greasy bit at the roots and gives your hair a bit of sexy lift too. You’ll love it!
Andrew x

Hi Andrew
I really love having a fringe, but it gets greasy so quickly, even when the rest of my hair doesnt.  Any advice for me?

You’ve got to get some of my Andrew Barton SOS Last Another Day dry shampoo, it's brilliant - smells of sweet coconut and works by taking the oils away from your scalp. You can use it as often as you like and it's so easy to use. You simply spray it at the roots of the fringe and the oil disppears and you’ll get a little bit more body in the fringe so it wont be so flat. Its magic - all the beauty editors swear by it. You can get it at Asda.
Andrew x 


Andrew Barton
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