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Oral sex for her

Oral sex on women, or cunnilingus, involves stimulating the genitals with the mouth. Here are some explanations.
 - Oral sex for her

Intimate foreplay
Cunnilingus is thought of as the female equivalent of fellatio (a blowjob). The word comes from the latin cunnus (the vulva) and lingere (to lick). It’s an oral sex act that involves the man stimulating his partner's vulva, clitoris and entrance to the vagina using his tongue, lips and mouth. This act causes intense sensations of pleasure that can bring you to orgasm.


Before oral sex, he might use his hands to caress your body and turn you on. Then he makes contact with your genital area with his mouth, brushing against you, kissing, licking and nibbling...anything is possible! Light sucking actions are also very effective. Don’t be afraid of making suggestions to your partner to let him know what you like. Sometimes lubricant is used but saliva does the job very nicely.

Sensitive areas

The most sensitive part is the clitoris, particularly the gland. Your little magic button is situated at the front of your genitals, hidden in the folds of the labia. The adjacent areas shouldn’t be neglected either: the labia minora, the entrance to the vagina, and also the area around the anus all contain lots of pleasure sensors. Let your partner know about them!

Different positions

Oral sex on women can be performed in many positions. Heer are the main ones:
- The woman lies on her back with her legs bent or spread out. Her partner lies or kneels with his head between her legs. This is the classic position.
- The 69 position: the man and woman are top to tail, with the man’s head at the level of the woman’s genitals and vice versa. The woman performs oral sex on the man while she receives it from him, so the pleasure is shared!
- The woman sits over her partner’s face. Penetration with the tongue can take place in this position.
- The woman stands up, with her partner sat down or on his knees. However, it’s difficult to reach the clitoris in this position.


Thorough hygiene is essential before oral sex. If you’re not confident all is sweet down there, take a quick shower before getting intimate to wash away perspiration and natural discharge. If your partner is still put off by the odor of your intimate parts after you’ve showered, suggest using scented lubricant. You can still have oral sex on your period unless you’re HIV positive. Still, some men can be repulsed by the sight of blood, which is understandable. There are no rules: simply do what feels right for both of you.

Sexually transmitted infections
Whilst AIDS is rarely transmitted through cunnilingus, other infections can easily be passed on, such as herpes or genital warts. Condoms aren't of any use here! The only way to stay safe is to not receive cunnilingus if you have an infection.

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