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The trials and tribulations of internet dating


 - The trials and tribulations of internet dating
© James Woodson
So I’m testing out the Californian ‘relationship’ site responsible, so it says, for two per cent of all marriages in the U.S. (I’d love to know how they came up with that stat).

The reason?

I’m an internet dating-phobe, dabbling only once in mysinglefriend before running scared, and dateless after only three weeks, but I’ve been so goddamn intrigued/aghast by the cloying nature of the TV ads (you know, all that ‘connecting on a deep spiritual level’ crap), that I had to give it a go.

I’ll admit it, there’s still a big prejudiced part of me that thinks people on internet dating sites have got something wrong with them and/or are desperate. “But you’re on there”, one friend helpfully offered. Hmm, yes. Now does that make me feel better? Um, not really, but she’s got a point.
I’ve perhaps not got off to the best start because it seems my playing hard to get has made some guys go off in a virtual huff and close communication with me. And they say us women are high maintenance!

You see, I prefer to sit down when I’ve got some time to devote to it and explore my options in one go rather than fervently checking (and feeling disappointed) every day because actually I don’t think it’s healthy to be thinking about this stuff all the time. It’s good to compartmentalize.

It seems, though, that the system doesn’t agree because people get impatient for your reply. They simply couldn’t wait, which is silly. I’m not impolite at all; we’re talking a week or so at the most. I mean, for god’s sake, I could’ve been on holiday/having a life. Imagine that?!


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