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Dating advice: Parents don’t make great match-makers
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Dating advice: Parents don’t make great match-makers

You might remember the guy my mum was keen to set me up with? He was the son of the friends my folks go ballroom dancing with (!). The conversation went something like this.

Needless to say, we didn’t go out.
MUM: Can I give him your email address?

ME: Why? [I literally had no clue why she would give him my email address and, crucially, why he'd even want it.]

ME: Did he actually ask for my email address?

MUM: Yes, he'd like to get know you.

ME: Why? [I repeat what I think is a perfectly viable question.]

MUM: Well why not? How else do people meet people?

ME: Er, by actually meeting them and not just because their parents go dancing together and because they happen to share a decade of birth.

MUM: 'It's no different to that internet dating is it?

ME: 'Are you trying to sell this to me mum?'

MUM: Well, what have you got to lose. He might be really nice.

ME: Is he good looking?

MUM: He's very tall

Jeez, that's almost as bad as he's got a great personality.

I'm laughing uncontrollably at this point and my mum's getting annoyed. It's time to push it further.

ME: What kind of clothes does he wear? [You know, to get a sense of whether we might have anything in common...]

MUM: Well in the photo I saw of him he had his holiday clothes on.
I rest my case.

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