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I need to turn this situation around, though, because there’s so much untapped potential. For example, one day this week there was this super-hot guy, let’s call him Muji Man, in a pale gray button-down shirt, rolled up trousers (very fashion forward, I thought) and cool plimsoles in my tube carriage en route to the office I’m working in just now. He had proper green eyes, an ear stud, cropped hair and a deliciously moody face. He was HOT. Sorry, just reliving that for a second…Anyway, we checked each other out, I’d like to think there was a shared thought process of ‘yeah, you look like my kinda guy/girl’ and I swear I could feel the tension. I didn’t do anything, well, beyond burning a hole in his skull with all my meaningful stares. But then - and get this - on the way home approximately eight hours later, he only got on the same carriage as me! What the F?! Could this be fate?!

Of course, this is what my delusionary romantic mind starts thinking – I stare some more and hope that he’s as pleasantly freaked as I by our double meet, but alas, nothing happens. So what to do? I’m not exactly shy (and I’m certainly prone to making a fool of myself sometimes) but I can’t for the life of me summon up the courage to make a move on the tube. But I say it again – there are hundreds of fit boys all over this goddamn city transport system of ours!


Alison Taylor
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