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Public transport: the route to love?
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I relay this information to my New York friend Annie who I’m sure will have some no-nonsense Big Apple-flavored advice for me. Even better, she sets me a challenge – "Approach one guy on your transport route who you are at least semi-attracted to each day for a week." A different guy each day!

Annie researches social trends at a big ad agency for her job so always has up-to-the-second stats and tidbits at her fingertips. This is useful for a brain like mine which is constantly craving ‘answers’ when it comes to men. She explains: "Men often say that it's harder for them because girls expect them to do the approaching. And quite frequently, they're immobilized by fear. So what if we lived in their shoes for a week? What is the worst that could happen? Rejection, followed by some likely laugh-worthy fodder."

But on public transport, I plead. I don’t want to turn down her challenge, but really, the humiliation…As always, she has the answer. Another ‘success story’ to spur me on: "An intern who works in my team initially was making eye contact with what became her future boyfriend on a subway. Neither made a move then, but they saw each other at a concert a month later and the rest is history."

Start making eyes now. Like, now.

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