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Holding you in his arms for endless hours, looking up together at the stars, him smelling the delicate scent of your skin...that's the perfect man for you. He must be sensitive, have a listening ear, and know what you need.
With this relationship, words say less: you understand each other better through discretion, silence and telepathy.

To find such a man is an extension of your prince charming fantasy!
Imagine: a prince who listens to you for hours, and not just with one ear. The little things he does everyday prove that he loves you and holds you deep in his heart. He never forgets your birthday and doesn't think twice about buying you flowers for no reason other than because he loves you.

What you like about this man is that instead of spending a weekend in Blackpool, he whisks you away to Paris, the city of romance. The life of a couple, of two people deeply in love appeals to you so much because you crave the reassuring aspect of being in your own little bubble that belongs to just the two of you.
Having children would be the next logical step in your fairy tale. You can already see your weekends spent biking through the woods, just to get away from the rest of the world.

A real romantic and a bit of a dreamer: the perfect man will give you all the attention and love that you need. The couple who resemble you the most? Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis.


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