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Desperate singleton?

Desperate singleton?

Just because you're looking for love via modern technology doesn't mean you're desperate, ugly or socially retarded.

Using the Internet is about multiplying meetings with admirers and multiplying your chances of meeting someone with whom you can enjoy life. And it's not easy meeting someone of the opposite sex after you've left school, when you work in an office full of women and your circle of single friends has transformed into a circle of smug married couples! Stop justifying yourself by saying "My friends made me sign up", etc etc - since when has being single and seeking love been a sin?

Remind yourself that these days, being single is quite trendy! American TV series are all about sexy singletons. Who hasn't compared themselves to Carrie Bradshaw, heroine of Sex & The City? Plus, you're definitely not alone: 48% of the UK's adult population are single.

Not meeting through "classic" routes (at work, in a restaurant, during a night out, etc) is neither a defect nor a problem. Today, women have got the chance to meet loads of men easily, so why deprive ourselves? Isn't it about time you stopped waiting for Prince Charming and went to find him instead? Create opportunities and possibilities for yourself!

On the Web there's so much choice, it's like being in the supermarket, walking down the aisles and choosing what you like from what's on offer...and is there anything we women love more than shopping?!


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