Thrill, love at work, job

Thrill, love at work, job

Dangerous liaisons
Fumbling in the store cupboard, snogging in the lift, getting cozy on top of the photcopier or even heading to a nearby hotel for a lunchtime rendezvous...we're in cliché heaven here, but having a relationship with someone at work can be a real turn-on. This is further intensified when you're sleeping with someone in the same department, or if you're at different levels of the company hierarchy and living out time-honored fantasies: a dangerous liaison between the boss and his secretary...or a steamy encounter between the high-flying businesswoman and the window-cleaner!

The ultimate thrill can be having rampant sex with your sworn enemy: the guy who got the promotion you deserved or the opposing barrister in your legal case, just like in the movies! Rule-breaking is a powerful aphrodisiac, even when it's not technically forbidden to have relations with someone you're competing with. It's not against the law, and it's an easy way to have fun without taking any big risks (provided you keep it separate from your working relationship). 


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