How to end a relationship
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Let's be friends?
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Let's be friends?

Right now, it probably seems impossible - can ex-lovers ever just be friends?

Natalie is doubtful. "Often those who want to stay friends harbor fantasies about the relationship sparking up again at some point," she says. "It's usually a safety net, a 'just in case' no one else comes along."

If you're desperate to be friends with your ex, take a good hard look at your feelings. Have you really moved on? Natalie suggests seeing a counselor or life coach if you're having difficulty letting go of a past flame.

Ariane is slightly more hopeful, though she warns that it takes time for the hurt of a break-up to fade enough to allow for friendship. 

"Let time take care of this," she says. "Even if it takes a few months -  or years."

It will obviously depend on the relationship you had, and how things ended, but reconciliation as friends may be feasible.

"It's not possible if he's still hurt, in love, or angry with you," Ariane explains. "It will be more likely when both of you have moved on and are very happy with someone else."

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