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The Musician


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B. The Musician

Now this is a good, if slightly complicated story. In the early days of summer I signed myself up to internet dating, My Single Friend to be exact, for all of five minutes.

The only guy I 'met' and liked was a musician, let’s call him Music Man.

We exchanged a few really cool emails where we discovered a mutual love of Leonard Cohen and the band Love (we were both at the same gig - who knew?!) and complimented each other sartorially.

He seemed really quite OK, compared to the other weirdos who kept getting in touch, asking me to answer love quizzes and the like! I ask you!

Anyway, in a fit of frustrated rage I opted out of said dating site thereby eliminating any chance of actually meeting up with Music Man.

Until, that is, two really bizarre things happened. One, I was having a moody pint in the beer garden of a pub with a copy of a Sunday newspaper, opened up the magazine and - whoah! - there he was.

Music Man was featured in the mag. How totally and utterly weird! Then, a few weeks later I get a hushed call from Lady Jane. She's at a rather high-profile Somerset wedding with her Rockstar boyfriend, who's agreed to sing in the wedding band.

'You'll never guess who's playing bass in the wedding band?' she conspired. 'Who?'. 'Music Man!' she shrieked, well if you can shriek whilst whispering. 'Oh my god oh my god oh my god!' I uselessly replied.

Now that is insania.

'Say something to him!' I demanded. She didn't because, to be fair, she might look like a bit of a weirdo stalker harassing the poor man when he's trying to enjoy his mate's wedding.

Time passes then I get an email from Lady Jane: 'I've got Music Man's email address and mobile number. Love me?'

Her Rockstar, who's a romantic soul as well as being very well connected, has made a call and come back with the digits.
Apparently, Music Man remembered me from our brief cyberspace encounter and has urged me to get in touch. Eeeeeeeeeek! I emailed him and we’re gonna go out just as soon as he gets back from tour. Watch this space!


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