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Do you usually come to the pond?


 - Do you usually come to the pond?
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It’s too late now anyway. Fox is straining at the leash and pulling me to the pond whether I like it or not. I struggle to release her from the lead (if I don’t I’m going in the water with her: not a good look). I’m making a right idiot of myself and I know it.

Finally I manage to flick the lock thing and she zooms straight off to join her doggy crew in the water. I tend to the rope burns on my hands and try to compose myself when an excited black Labrador appears at my feet with a dog-eared ball (sorry, couldn’t resist that one). What’s the etiquette now, I wonder, eyeing up the ball.

“Sorry, she’s always bringing the ball back to the wrong person”. Well helloooo – the Labrador’s strapping owner is just as glossy haired and athletic as his absent-minded pet. “Oh that’s OK”, I say, all bashful, picking up the (quite frankly, gross) ball and throwing it water-bound.

“Do you usually come to the pond?” he inquires. This is clearly the dog-lover variant of “Do you come here often?” My mind flashes ahead to some point in the future where it won’t be possible to pretend I have a dog (our wedding day?), so I come clean. “No, I’m a novice. I’m dog sitting for my friend”.

As if on cue, Fox appears chewing on the hedgehog and, I’d like to think, vetting my suitor. Pinkie says Fox is a deal breaker for her when it comes to men. Any moaning from the man about Fox’s whimpering of a night they don’t last long and sometimes it’s quite obvious when Fox doesn’t take to the guy. She’s not quite snapping at his heels but let’s just say he won’t sit comfortably for very long.


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