Disabled dating: successful online dating with a disability

Disabled dating


Dating with a disability
Dating with a disability
Q. I want my profile to make the perfect first impression! But what should I say about my disability?

This is totally up to you and what you feel comfortable with but you might not have to say anything!

Your profile is there to lure potential partners looking for love, so try to keep it positive and upbeat. Dr Jo Hemmings, a behavioral psychologist who is also an experienced dating and relationship coach explains:

“I think there is a temptation on internet dating sites anyway to give away too much or be a bit self deprecating. You don’t want to put people off you want to attract people.”

At this early stage you shouldn’t feel the need to reveal everything. You’re probably not planning to mention that you’re overdrawn or hate your job. Whether you share the same values, interests and sense of humor is far more important early on than any disability or chronic illness you may have.

“I think that it’s very unlikely anyone’s going to turn around and say ‘I feel robbed you didn’t tell me that on your profile’” says Hemmings.

However, life coach, Jenna Paige, disagrees: "I always advise my clients to be upfront about things that they think could be a problem. Whether you're 6"2 and want a tall guy, or you're in a wheelchair, or work as a fish-monger! That way you immediately put off the idiots who care about this sort of thing and only speak to genuine individuals - it saves everyone a lot of time, effort and possibly even heartache."

If you do decide that you’re more comfortable explaining your situation up front the same rule applies: Keep it positive!


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