5 dating resolutions

5 New Year’s resolutions


Learn from your past relationships

What memories do you want to have? © Goodshoot
What memories do you want to have? © Goodshoot
The New Year is a great time for reflection, but we don’t mean staring miserably into the bottom of a wine glass at 3am on New Year’s Day.

Instead, take some time in January to really figure out what you want to achieve in the coming year. What do you want to be able to look back on in January 2013? 

When it comes to thinking about dating, be honest with yourself, and look back on your previous relationships. The best way to know what you want in the future, is to heed the lessons your past have taught you.

For example, maybe you had a two year relationship with a guy so obsessed with his career he barely had time to see you.

In which case, perhaps the lesson is look for someone with more of a work/life balance.
When it comes to dating and relationships, knowing what you want is the key.

This doesn’t mean you should have a shopping list of the physical attributes your ideal partner should have – dig a little deeper and think about the personality traits and values you’d like your other half to have.

These are the things that will determine whether you stay together for a few months or forever.


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