Dating and work | should you date a colleague?
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Think through the consequences


 - Think through the consequences
At the beginning of every relationship, you naturally feel that it’s all going to work out beautifully.

But, sometimes things don’t work out, and in an office romance situation that can be even more devastating.

Keep that in mind if you do hook up with someone at work, and take things slowly.

You might be able to delete an ex from Facebook but if you work with them, they’ll be in your life every day; it’s really not worth quitting a job you love because of a failed relationship.

This naturally gets more complicated if you work closely together in the same team or if you're in a manager and reportee situation.

Establish some ground rules - just for yourself initially - and stick to them. Decide how many dates you should have befeore you take the plunge and sleep with your office boyfriend. If you'd usually wait until the third date, make it six for work place situations.

Never reveal your personal rules to the object of your desire, if a man knows he has to last six dates before sleeping with you he might just take up the challenge without ever really committing to the relationship.

Once your relationship is underway it's worth having a chat about work place conduct and what you'd do if you ever had a big fight or broke up.


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