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Take things offline


 - Take things offline
If you’ve decided that your colleague could be The One, and you’re going to take the plunge, it’s important to separate your work and personal life.

By all means, bore your friends to death on the wonders of Chris from Marketing, but don’t talk about it at work.

Even if you class your colleagues as friends, it’s important to keep your personal life and work life separate.

For one thing, gossip spreads, even between people who swear “I’ll never say a word”.

The same goes for flirting at work – don’t do it.

It’s unprofessional, and will soon have everyone pointing the finger.

Sexy emails might seem like a more discreet tactic, but some employers scan emails for certain words and phrases (embarrassing!). Imagine some techie reading all your filthy messages!  

Even at after work drinks, it’s best to keep your distance, especially as a new couple. Save the slushy stuff for when you’re alone.

Of course many people have a cheeky snog at a work party but if you can keep it discreet then it'll work out better for you. Particularly if this isn't the first time you've copped off at the work Xmas do. No-one wants to get a reputation.


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