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Don’t make things even more complicated


 - Don’t make things even more complicated
Work romances can be complicated enough if you're in the same pay grade but if you're on different rungs of the career ladder things can get even messier.

If the object of your affections is your manager or someone much higher up – ‘sleeping your way to the top’ might not be your aim, but that’s what people are likely to think.

And if it's someone under you, whether you directly manage them or not, colleagues will be on high alert for any favoritism - especially when it comes to promotions and pay rises.

A work romance with anyone who is either already in a relationship, or is your boss or subordinate, can be career poison.

Obviously we’d never advise you to go after someone already taken, but in a work situation, this becomes even more complicated; unless of course you enjoy people talking about you behind your back, and avoiding you at lunch.


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