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Make sure they’re worth it


 - Make sure they’re worth it
First things first – ask yourself if the object of your affections is really, truly worth your trouble.

If you just have a bit of a crush, then we suggest you leave things be for a while.

If your feelings develop then you can reassess the situation in a month or so, but most crushes disappear of their own accord (usually when you spend time with someone and realize they are just as flawed as anyone else!)

Check what the general opinion of the object of desire is. If he's a major player or everyone thinks he's a nightmare then chances are you're best off leaving well alone.

In other words don’t risk office embarrassment by launching yourself at a colleague at some post-work drinks, only to realize they really aren’t all that.

It’s also worth checking your work policy on relationships – some companies seriously frown that sort of thing, and you could find yourself having a very awkward meeting with HR.


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