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Don’t trust a man who only texts


Reasons for note getting into Text Only Dating © PHOTOS.COM / Jupiterimages
Reasons for note getting into Text Only Dating © PHOTOS.COM / Jupiterimages
Don’t trust a man who only texts but doesn’t call (or agree to meet up with you)…

This is my cautionary tale – and one we could all learn from. I entered into what turned out to be a Text Only relationship with a guy I dubbed Fantasy Boy. Fantasy because he was a fantasy writer but, as it turned out, he also lived in his own special fantasy world too. This took me a while to work out.

Over a period of around six weeks I was having a hugely involved relationship with this guy. We texted ALL the time.

At its height, one particularly lazy Saturday, we texted each other 50 times in one day. IN ONE DAY! This is not healthy, right?

I knew this deep down, and I certainly had my reservations at first but then I carried on. It was exhilarating.

He said such nice things, would wish me a good day in the morning, inquire after my lunch choice come 1 o clock and we’d ‘chat’ in the evenings about anything and everything and often end with a virtual text X.

As it turned out, it wasn’t that I was having a relationship with him; I was having a relationship with my phone. He was the perfect date via text but when it came to actually speaking on the phone or, god forbid, meeting up... well I wouldn't know, it never actually happened. He blew me out with pathetic excuses three times. Three times!

I’m a sucker for words you see. But words are not enough. Repeat after me…


Alison Taylor
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