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Kate Moss: 100 Best Fashion Moments

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Kate Moss is the Croydon gal that changed the face of modeling forever. Discovered when she was just 14 at JFK airport, she shot to success scoring campaigns with major designers including Gucci, Dior and Chanel and walking the runway for practically every major design house.

She’s also frequently cited as being behind the rise of the heroin chic look that dominated the nineties and paved the way for a whole new breed of supermodel.

But while she’s worth an estimated £45 million, won numerous of fashion and style awards and is an undisputed fashion icon of our time, Kate Moss has not been without her ups and downs.

The 2005 ‘Cocaine Kate’ scandal caused her to lose a ton of contracts, with several companies refusing to ever work with her. However a year after the scandal, she’d already bagged 18 top modeling contracts. All was forgiven, it seems!

Anyway, whether you love or loathe her, nobody can deny this girl's got style! We’ve rounded up our top 100 iconic fashion moments from her amazing career to celebrate the upcoming launch of "The Kate Moss Book" - the ultimate coffee table book for fashion obsessives.

The book takes a look at Kate's career and contains shots from some of her most iconic shoots, including her work with Corinne Day, Mert, Craig Dean and Mario Testino.

Through her past two decades in front of the lens Kate's gone from a girlish nymph to an international icon. Fashion just wouldn't be the same without her.

So in celebration of Kate's chameleon style and rock chic cool, click on for 100 amazing Moss moments.


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