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#WWInstaStar of the Week: Lauren Pruner of PRBlonde Talks Building Your Brand via Instagram and More!

Cliche Wynter
by Cliche Wynter Published on April 24, 2015

For this week's installment of #WWInstaStar I caught up with the fabulous Lauren Pruner aka the PRBlonde. The New York City resident currently works in Public Relations (a demanding job by nature), yet also finds time to run her own blog. Amazed that she's able to manage both in spectacular fashion, I instantly dubbed her Superwoman. She was flattered but also offered a humble response...

How in the world does a busy PR gal find a moment to breathe, yet alone juggle blogging? "Honestly, I don't," says Pruner. She recalls attending a conference in LA a year ago where the moderator posed a similar question to Drew Barrymore. The superstar actress - who also has young children, a production company, and cosmetic line - responded, "Sometimes sh*t just falls through the cracks and you have to forgive yourself for that.” Those are words Pruner now lives by and "a flawless to-do list." It seems it hasn't failed her so far.

Yesterday marked the three year anniversary of her blog PRBlonde. According to Pruner the name was a no-brainer; she's blonde and works in PR. It just made sense, or as she would sum it up, "BOOM! The end." Along her journey she has learned quite a few things that she was willing to share with our readers.

Here's what Lauren Pruner aka the PRBlonde had to say about blogging, building your brand, and so much more!

What's been the most exciting aspect of living in New York and blogging?

Lauren Pruner: The endless possibilities and opportunities to grow and let your blog and audience grow with you. What's important is that you are 1000% authentic and honest in your writing and work.

When you meet opportunity with that candid honesty you can write a great story about everything from the Olympics to New York Fashion Week to your favorite coffee house in the middle of one the greatest cities in the world.

Is the PR world really as intense as it's hyped up to be?

LP: I think the first thing that most people think of is Samantha Jones. Or someone with 8 phones running errands like Anna Wintour’s assistant. There are certainly elements of fancy functions and straight up “grunt work” but the business is so much more than that.

We’re planners, fixers, glorified conversationalists and ultimately doers. We have not only plan A, B and C but D, E and F and sometimes we know what move your going to make even before you make it.

Biggest misconception about PR gals? Go.

LP: We always wear heels. While half of my shoe closet may be under my desk - I'm a noon to night Nike girl on the weekends!

Fave fashion items?

LP: Gladiator heels, carry-all totes & white tops. No matter tee, blouse or tank form – I will always have a white top.

Love, love, LOVE your Instagram! How do you maintain its cohesive aesthetic?

LP: Well Thanks! I think one of the best things about Instagram is that it becomes this sort of “micro-blog.” So just like I would treat PRBlonde.com, I put that same veil over my Instagram photos. I want people to see the world how I see it: clean, vibrant, and leave the stream (after liking all of the photos of course) with the feeling of "I want to go there and see that!"

FYI, I'm obsessed with your travel shots. What are some do's and don'ts of documenting your vacations on social media?

LP: Travel shots are the most fun! There's so many angles to capture and so many lenses to view something through. If there are any tips about travel Instagram photography I would say abide by these few rules:

  • Always have a focal point - Be it your food, the sun going down on the horizon or a tight shot of your sunglasses, draw people in with one thing.

  • Find some symmetry- Science tells us our eyes like things balanced. It's often why we call people pretty - simply because their face has flawless symmetry. Now, while we're not going for model status here - I believe that there's something comfortable about that visual balance.

  • Ask yourself- "Am I inspired by what I'm posting? Would I like this photo?" All too often we think of our feeds as a "must-post" wall. So if you're too busy just posting and not thinking, "Would I like this?" What makes you think others would, too?

Any tips for folks trying to build their brand and following on Instagram?

LP: It's as simple as this:

  • Post consistently - When are your followers liking your photo the most? 4PM - so keep posting at 4!

  • Find the balance - What do your followers like and what are you inspired by? Find that happy place and keep posting similar inspired photos.

  • Interact with others- Follow your favorites back, comment on others posts and like others photos. To gain new members, take advantage of the discovery page to find new people and new content that is tailored to you. Newsflash: there's a reason why puppies keep coming up in your discovery page when you follow five other puppy accounts! Gotta love algorithms.

Who are your faves to follow on IG?


  • For Style - @NotYourStandard’s Kayla Seah. I’m OBSESSED with her adventures and her aesthetic.

  • For Travel - @LesleyAnneMurphy. Her perspective on her travels and the world is fantastic and she always looks like she’s having so much fun.

  • For Food- @LoveandLemons’ Jeanine Donofrio - Because I want to eat everything she makes. All of it.

  • For Fun - @AprilHeatherArt’s April Davulcu - Girl can do amazing things with her colored pencils.

Have you ever had a moment where you thought, "Why the hell did I post this?" #InstaRegrets?

LP: Welcome to my entire feed! No, I'm kidding! After scrolling back through nearly 1,000 posts, I realized I was learning and mastering a medium. Every photo, filter, like, and comment taught me something. And who doesn't love an album of life's highlights in the palm of their hands? Okay, now I'm getting cheesy - time for more wine!

Lauren will be taking over our Instagram feed today! Be sure to follow us @wewomenUSA to catch all her snaps!

Follow Lauren Pruner on IG @laurenapruner!

Check out these gorgeous shots from her Instagram:

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