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The C-String: The Worst Thing To EVER Happen To Our Crotch

Maria Bell
by Maria Bell Published on June 20, 2014

Just when we thought our eyes had fully recovered from the trauma of Borat's mankini, we get this. The worst thing to happen to women, lingerie and our sense of perspective; The C-String. If this is the world we live in, we want out.

Resting neatly over your particulars with an anchor between your butt cheeks, the C-string offers to protect your dignity while simultaneously obliterating all trace of it.

Think a thong, but way more narcissistic. In fact, save yourself some pain and just don't think of it at all.

But here it is, the lingerie garment you never knew you needed, or ever really wanted...

It also comes in a variety of colors and patterns because, well, there is no logical reason for this.

It even comes in animal print AND kinky fluff. Wild.


Or with plumage. WHY NOT?!


One lady even took it to the beach.


You've got to admire her hutzpah!

And just in case the guys feel left out, there's a version for them too.

Kill it with fire. Quickly.

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