My New Year's resolution (again)... getting back into my jeans

 - My New Year's resolution (again)... getting back into my jeans
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Over a third of women (35%) admit to owning "trophy jeans".

Trophy jeans are a pair that used to fit perfectly! And while that's, sadly, no longer the case, we aspire to fit into them again in the future.

These jeans – held on to as physical reminder of when we felt we looked their best – are now more frequently used as an inspiration to lose weight.

There are close to 130million pairs of jeans across the UK, with each woman owning an average of five different pairs.

And they're not throw-away fashion either. Even if they don't fit anymore, on average women have held on to their goal jeans for 3 years. 

One in six women holds onto their trophy jeans for the length of time they’ve been at their job (18%), and a further one in ten women admitting their perfect jeans have outlasted their longest relationship, according to the research by Kellogg’s Special K as part of their Love Your Jeans Again campaign.

Trophy jeans are seen as offering the promise of more happiness than many of life’s seminal moments. One in five women say the elation of fitting into their goal pair could evoke more euphoria than attending their best friend’s wedding (21%) or even winning the lottery (20%). In fact, around one sixth of those women (16%) would forego more than £10,000 just to fit into their slim jeans! 2.3million women said achieving that jean dream would be better than a £25k lottery win.

We're not sure about that... liposuction could easily be bought with a £25k surely?

Failing a lottery win, dieting and exercise is the only way we're getting back into our jeans in 2010! And that's why it's top of the resolutions list... again.

Psychotherapist Elisabeth Wilson said, “For many women having a motivational milestone is absolutely vital to their success and moreover their sense of achievement. 

70% of the women surveyed said they would consider fitting back into their goal jeans a considerable achievement they’d be very proud of and it's well documented that  visualizing themselves wearing their goal jeans is the  kind of positive imaging that will help them achieve great results.

This combined with the power of positive thinking, support from others and a plan to kick-start a healthy lifestyle leads to real results."


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