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There is also, as Luke has proved, massive earning potential. Two of the US’s biggest YouTube fashion vloggers, who have collectively received 30 million views, are Blair and Elle Fowler.

Hailed as ‘tween tycoons’ during an appearance on Good Morning America back in March, the two sisters from the south have been marked as the figure heads of haul vlogging, heading off for an epic spending spree, before coming home and unloading their booty, or ‘haul’, in front of a captivated, online audience.

Trilling off prices, store names and critiques on cut, quality and cool factor, as if born to do it, 16-year-old Blair has had to switch to homeschooling in order to keep up with the ‘business’. The sister now  receive an endless stream of freebies from companies desperately hoping the girls will feature their products. However, the pair promise that they ‘never review anything that we wouldn’t spend our own money on’.

Now a YouTube partner, the girls get paid to make their haul and beauty vlogs, cashing in on the ad revenue and acting as a serious voice in the consumer world (the girls featured a Guess watch on their channel and within 24 hours the watches had sold out in every color and the website had crashed).

Speaking to GMA of their appeal, Elle Fowler says, ‘It’s really fun for a girl to live vicariously through someone else and see what other girls are buying’.

And the pounds keep rolling in, as, whether featured or not, vlogging means big bucks for companies, too.

For Harry Blamire, editor of Lush Times, seeing his product posted on YouTube means ringing cash registers galore. ‘We love hearing about how vloggers use our products, how certain things makes them feel and most importantly – them recommending our products to other customers. We fully anticipate vlogging to really take off. If there are plenty of people happy to talk about the Lush brand and our products, then we will be thrilled’.


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