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Although reviews and expert anecdotes can recommend decent wines, just because it’s had praise from a wine expert like Robert Parker doesn’t always make it the best wine for you.

Critics agree that it is difficult to be an unambiguous wine prospector while rating wines, as each individual has a fondness towards a particular flavor.

Bennet Bodenstein, co-owner of Together Vineyards and co-author of several books on home wine making, says, “When the wine business hangs on to the word of one man, wine-makers try to make wines to suit his tastes.”

This means that if an expert is partial towards concentrated Californian red wines, she would automatically bump them up the scoreboard. A wine review by an expert like Angela Mount that is very positive can boost the price of the wine by 6-7%.

So don’t swear by brands or expert opinions - find your own flavor and have fun tasting the variety of wines out there.     
The next time you venture into a restaurant, live outside of your Chardonnay comfort zone and try the odd Argentinean or Chilean label instead.

And of course for wine reviews you can trust you can always check out the wewomen's team's appraisal of reds, whites and roses...

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