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So you’re sitting in a fancy restaurant, and the waiter brings over the wine menu. Cabernet Sauvignons, Pinot Noir, Rieslings, Merlots - you have no idea which one to choose or which one will go with your meal.

And we've all been stuck in the wine aisle at some point debating which bottle will please our taste buds. But without a little wine know-how it's often easiest to just pick the one that's in a mid price range and hope for the best.

Learning your Pinot from your Chardonnay doesn't have to take long - and in any case it's a good excuse to have a girls night in (or out) sampling different wines and getting to grips with wine list terminology!

Being the great wine connoisseurs that we are here at Sofeminine, we've compiled a wine guide to help you spot a quality wine, from paint stripper.


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