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Tropical Caipirinha
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Tropical Caipirinha

Looking for a little low-cal liquor lovely?  Weight Watchers has the answer with the calorie counter's caipirinha. 

Not only have they toned down the calorie count but they've added a extra touch of the tropics to this Brazillian based rum cocktail by replacing the tangy lime-pulp with passion fruit - we're intrigued.

1/2 lime, cut into quarters, plus a wedge to garnish
30ml/2tbsp cachaça or light rum
100ml Weight Watchers Brazilian Orange, Mango & Watermelon Still Juice Drink, chilled Chipped ice


Muddle the passionfruit (or lime if you want more of a traditional taste) in a cocktail shaker with a rolling pin to release the juices.

Add cachaça and juice drink and add a handful of ice.

Shake well then pour into a tumbler, add extra ice to fill the glass and garnish with a wedge of lime. A delicious drink, with only 68 calories per glass. We approve!

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