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Strawberry Rouge
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Strawberry Rouge

This red hot mocktail is as sexy as any martini. The tartness of the vinegar and basil adds a non-alcoholic kick, while the sweetener brings out the best of the fresh strawberries. Who said fruit juice wasn't for grown-ups?

- 2/3 cup club soda
- 1 tsp aged balsamic vinegar
- 6 medium sized strawberries, rinsed and quartered
- 10 basil leaves, roughly chopped
- 160ml pineapple juice, with no added sugar
- 2 tbsp lime juice
- 1 1/2 tsp Truvia® calorie-free sweetener
- 80g crushed ice

In a tumbler, combine the basil, strawberries and lime juice. Muddle the mixture by pounding to break up the berries and release the basil flavor.

Add the club soda, balsamic vinegar, pineapple juice, sweetener, and ice into the tumbler. Shake for several minutes, until the drink is chilled and well blended.

Strain only half of the mixture, so that you still get a few pieces of basil and strawberry in each glass. Serve the drink in a chilled martini glass and enjoy!

This recipe was provided by Truvia.

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